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The third generation E52 ELGRAND is the most luxurious mini van on the market today. With features that belong in cars twice the price, the is a people mover to experience.

The ELGRAND E52 was released in Japan In August 2010. It was manufactured from August 2010 to January 2014. With models from August 2010 till 5/2012 eligible to be imported by Best Buy Jap Imports into Australia.

Main Trim Levels

  • ELGRAND Highway Star
  • ELGRAND Rider
  • ELGRAND Enchant Mobility Access

The Enchant, a version of the ELGRAND with a mobility access seat in the second row, was available in the Highway Star Variant.

Luxury Features:

NB: Not all features available on all models, features are on a per car basis.

ENGLISH E52 Menu and GPS Navigation Conversion

Available at Best Buy Jap Imports is the conversion of the Nissan ELGRAND E52 Factory Multimedia System with GPS Navigation with Australian Maps for that factory feel, into the english language, leaving no Japanese text on screen. All functions remain the same including fuel economy menu, bluetooth, settings, colour options as can be seen in the following pictures. If you already own a Nissan ELGRAND E52 still stuck in Japanese contact us for an appointment to quote a conversion cost.

Please note: The Radio Station frequencies reflect the local station numbering unlike other systems.

360 Degree Around View Monitor:

The Nissan ELGRAND E52 utilises a 4 camera system that shows you a view around the car as you park while reversing. There are three settings for the camera view from top, view from front left passenger mirror and a reverse view as well.

Electric Doors:

Depending on spec the ELGRAND E52 is fitted with one or 2 electric doors. When fitted with one electric door this is usually on the passenger side. You may have noticed the “ECO” button this is an economy mode on the ELGRAND E52 with allows you to switch on or off an economy mode which improves fuel economy. The other buttons in the below picture include the child safety lock for the electric doors and traction control which can be switched on/off.

Rear Sunshade Blinds:

The sunshade blinds are built into the 2 rear doors and the into the side trim for the third row seats. These blinds allow sun to be blocked out slightly and still allow visibility from the inside.

These can be pulled up when required and rolled back in when not required.

Third Row Storage:

In this picture you can see the storage available when the third row seats are folded for storage when required. Please note when seats are up there is a storage area under the cover for even more storage room.

Internal Rear View Mirror:

As can be seen on some models there is a convex internal mirror which allows you to see the kids or rear passengers as you drive a lot easier and safer instead of turning around.

Push Start Button:

This button allows allows keyless entry and keyless start with the key in close proximity.

Second Row Captain Chairs:

Second row seat with foot rest built in, great for this long drives to kick back and relax. This option is also sometimes available for the front passenger as well…..